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Africa Climate Mobility Initiative


The GCCM hosts panels, workshops, and conferences on climate mobility to nurture and consolidate the emerging ecosystem.
It actively engages with thought leaders, policymakers, and affected communities to foster dialogue and cooperation.

Summits, Pavilions & Forums

The GCCM hosts the annual Climate Mobility Pavilion at the COP and the biennial Climate Mobility Summit on the margins of the UN High-Level Week in September. It also contribute to multilateral and regional conferences and meetings, as well as regional climate weeks and events. The Global Knowledge Forum will be convened biennially to facilitate knowledge co-creation among researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and frontline communities.

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Climate Mobility Summit

Taking place on the heels of the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Ambition Summit, the Climate Mobility Summit will elevate our shared priorities and garner international attention ahead of COP28, as well as the 4th SIDS Conference and the Summit of the Future next year.
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Climate Mobility Pavilion at COP28

The Climate Mobility Pavilion, organized by the GCCM in association with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), will be a dedicated space at COP28 for actors to discuss and advance solutions for mitigating and addressing the impacts of the climate crisis on human mobility.