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Climate Mobility Summit

An all-day event in the margins of the United Nations High-Level Week bringing together global champion leaders and Principals of relevant UN organizations and stakeholder entities to discuss ways to harness climate mobility for adaptation and resilience, as well as to press for climate action to prioritize climate-resilient development around the adaptation needs of populations affected by the climate crisis, particularly those forced to leave the places they call home.
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Forced displacement is emerging as the human face of the climate crisis. The climate crisis threatens sustainable development and the livelihoods of people globally, including through the greater frequency and severity of extreme weather events, water scarcity, decreased crop yields, and rising sea levels, as well as through its impacts on education, economies, health and sanitation. As a result, the climate crisis is emerging as a key driver of forced displacement and migration. By 2050, it is estimated that over 200 million people globally may be forced to leave their homes due to climate-related reasons.

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Taking place on the heels of the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Ambition Summit, the Climate Mobility Summit will elevate our shared priorities and garner international attention ahead of COP28, as well as the 4th SIDS Conference and the Summit of the Future next year. The Climate Mobility Summit will also feature various Panels & Discussions, exploring concrete avenues for advancing awareness, solutions and action to harness climate mobility amidst the climate crisis. The Climate Mobility Summit is a hybrid event.


High-Level Breakfast: Harnessing Climate Mobility for Adaptation and Resilience

By invitation only.

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