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Africa Climate Mobility Initiative

The Global Centre
for Climate Mobility

The Global Centre for Climate Mobility is a global partnership to address climate-forced migration and displacement in the world’s most climate vulnerable regions. 

Who Will Help Preserve Our Nations?

Ideas article for TIME Magazine by H.E. Kausea Natano, Prime Minister of Tuvalu.

Migration could help people adapt to the impacts of climate change in Africa

For the London School of Economics by Dr. Nick Simpson and Sarah Rosengärtner

Channel 4 News – How to move a whole country

Channel 4 News highlights the existential threats posed by rising sea levels to Tuvalu.

Africa Climate Mobility Report

African Shifts, presents an analysis of current and potential future climate mobility dynamics in the continent, and an agenda vision for people positive adaptation.

The Economist – Climate Mobility: What to do?

What can countries do to prepare for climate mobility?


As the climate crisis escalates, more places will see extreme weather, including heat, storms, floods and droughts that disrupt people’s lives and livelihoods. The impacts will be most acutely felt in the regions that have least contributed to global warming, and where people have few resources and limited capacity to adapt. Countries and communities need to prepare for a warming climate and environmental changes with profound human consequences.
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Voices from Africa – Explore how climate mobility affects frontline communities.

Regional Climate Mobility Initiatives

Since 2021, the GCCM’s regional Climate Mobility Initiatives are generating data and analysis, developing regional Agendas for Action, and mobilizing political support for locally anchored solutions to anticipate and address climate mobility.
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Africa Climate
Mobility Initiative

Launched in 2021, the Africa Climate Mobility Initiative support the African continent in addressing climate-forced displacement and migration while harnessing climate mobility to advance its development agenda and further its economic & political integration.
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Greater Caribbean
Climate Mobility Initiative

The Greater Caribbean Climate Mobility Initiative support the region in anticipating and addressing climate-forced displacement and migration, and facilitating climate mobility to advance resilience and regional development in the context of the climate crisis.
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Pacific Climate
Mobility Initiative

The GCCM is working towards the launch of the Pacific Climate Mobility Initiative at COP28 (December 2023).

Middle East

Southeast Asia


Greater Caribbean 


Rising Nations Initiative

The Rising Nations Initiative was launched in the margins of the UN General Assembly High-Level week in September 2022 by Pacific Atoll Countries facing existential threat as a result of sea-level rise.
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Global Call
for Action

The Global Call for Action aims to support Pacific Atoll states in promoting global awareness and mobilizing global action. It also supports partnerships to deepen the knowledge base for effective adaptation planning and informed policymaking, including efforts to address the habitability of the atolls.

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The programme supports the preservation of culture and heritage in Pacific Atoll countries under threat – by providing practical support in the collection, digitalization and preservation, for the benefit of local communities through the creation of a Heritage and Cultural repository.
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Digital Nation
State Programme

The Digital Nation State builds a new digital ecosystem, founded on meaningful connectivity for citizens, that will allow for strengthened governance, administration and connectivity structures, so as to cement the connection between people and country; as well as citizens and government amidst the disruptive challenges of the climate crisis.
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The programme has established a Rising Nations Youth Forum to empower Pacific youth to fully engage in global discussions on RNI-related work streams and contribute to the advocacy campaign.