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Africa Climate Mobility Initiative

The Global Knowledge Hub

The GCCM empowers the regional climate mobility initiatives and the Rising Nations Initiative through its Global Knowledge Hub which acts as a centre of excellence that drives access to data and research for decision-making and impact. Working with its Community of Practice and partners around the world, the Global Knowledge Hub, which was established jointly with the Climate School of Columbia University, aims to be an engine of knowledge co-creation, learning, and climate literacy.
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Adaptive Capacities

Strengthen adaptive capacities of frontline communities by enhancing climate literacy of all relevant stakeholders and enabling decision-making and anticipatory action through access to relevant data, knowledge, and analysis.
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Public Policy & Discourse

Enhance public policy & discourse on climate mobility through evidence and advocacy, and by providing affected communities with a platform and tools to share their climate adaptation journeys.
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Global Ecosystem

Nurture a global ecosystem of climate mobility and adaptation researchers, policymakers and practitioners by creating opportunities for networking, learning, collaborative knowledge creation, and collective advocacy.
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About the Global Knowledge Hub

The Global Knowledge Hub will strengthen access to data and information in climate vulnerable places; enhance public policy and discourse on climate mobility through evidence and the realities of frontline communities; and build a global Community of Practice & Learning to promote knowledge co-creation and continuous learning together with strategic partners.
It will continue to expand its partnerships with other universities, expert institutions, policymakers and practitioners, public and private data providers, research centers, art and cultural institutions and media partners around the world.
Further, the Global Knowledge Hub works closely with the GCCM Solutions Lab to support innovators and local solutions with knowledge and accelerate the availability of those solutions in other affected areas.
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Preventing Loss and Damage: Data for Anticipatory Action

This workstream of the Global Knowledge Hub closely supports the GCCM’s regional climate mobility initiatives (CMIs). Climate mobility projections, data, and research are made intelligible and actionable for local planning and decision-making and to build local knowledge and capacities for anticipating and responding to climate mobility. The Global Knowledge Hub will support country, city and sub-regional Deep Dives that localize climate mobility projections developed for the Africa and Greater Caribbean CMIs.

In collaboration with government and national and local stakeholders, the Global Knowledge Hub will support a deeper analysis of local climate mobility hotspots, and the development of policy blueprints to address climate mobility. Once this phase is completed, the Hub will remain engaged to support the development of community- based programming and projects based on the climate mobility blueprints. Here, the Global Knowledge Hub will focus on utilizing data to inform decision-making, enable anticipatory action, and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions as a source of knowledge for developing long-term resilience and adaptation.

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Shifting Norms & Narratives

People-Centred Public Policy & Discourse

This workstream of the Global Knowledge Hub aims at enhancing policy & public discourse and decision-making on climate mobility through awareness-raising, climate literacy, outreach and advocacy at the global, regional, national, and local levels.

It will work to centre the experiences and aspirations of frontline communities facing threats of displacement or abandonment in policy discussions and public perceptions of this issue. Building on the regional CMIs’ visualized efforts to elevate the voices of the frontline communities, the Global Knowledge Hub will use in-person and digital means as well as collaborations with media, artists and cultural institutions to highlight peoples’ and communities’ narratives around climate vulnerability, loss of cultural heritage, resilience, mobility, and the need to strengthen adaptive capacities.

Networking Change Agents

A Global Community of Practice & Learning: The Global Knowledge Hub will be a centre of gravity for existing regional climate mobility knowledge networks, some of which are facilitated by the GCCM’s regional CMIs.

The Global Knowledge Forum will be regularly convened to take stock of the various innovative efforts of these networks and facilitate knowledge co-creation among researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and frontline communities. The Global Knowledge Hub will nurture the Community of Practice by offering cutting-edge educational opportunities, including an interdisciplinary Climate Mobility Curriculum delivered in partnership with a consortium of renowned universities and expert institutions from around the world and regions where the GCCM is engaged.

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