About us

The Global Centre for Climate Mobility produces knowledge, builds consensus, and brokers partnerships across sectors, stakeholders, and levels of governance to anticipate, plan for and address climate mobility.​

As climate change is reshaping our world, forced migration and displacement are emerging as its human face. We work with and across the most climate vulnerable regions, countries, and communities to support adaptation strategies that centre people’s agency and prevent further loss and damage from climate impacts.

To prevent exacerbating losses and damages associated with climate change, the Global Centre for Climate Mobility produces data and knowledge about current and future climate mobility dynamics and facilitates the integration of policy responses at the nexus of climate action, sustainable development, and migration and displacement. Starting from the anticipation of future climate mobility ‘hotspots’, we support decision-makers and communities in charting adaptation and development pathways that are people positive and nature positive.


We work for climate mobility strategies that protect the lives and livelihoods of communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis by strengthening resilience and enabling people to move out of harm’s way. We identify prospective destination areas of climate mobility that must be supported with forward planning and anticipatory investments in infrastructure and services to facilitate the welcome and inclusion of newcomers. And, we centre the tangible and intangible losses involved in the process of people leaving and making their homes in new places. By acknowledging the reality of loss for the communities involved, possibilities for forging a common future can open up and be seized.

Partnership is at the heart of our model 

The Global Centre for Climate Mobility is a unique partnership enabled by UN Member States and supported by relevant agencies of the UN system, the World Bank, and respective regional intergovernmental organizations to address climate-forced migration and displacement. 

By integrating our work with partners across the United Nations system, regional intergovernmental organisations and development finance institutions, the Global Centre for Climate Mobility aims to generate political momentum, for common policy agendas and encourage that resources are deployed to advance comprehensive, people-centered, and community-based responses for climate mobility. The Global Centre for Climate Mobility’s efforts have also been possible thanks to the support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, Open Society Foundations, Federal Foreign Office of Germany as well as various expert entities and academic institutions.